Bulyanhulu Gold Mine located at 45km south of Lake Victoria, in the Kahama District of the Region, within the Sukuma tribal region of northern Tanzania. So there are road accesses from mwanza, 127km to the northeast and from town of kahama, 84km to the south.


The problem facing Bulyanhulu Gold mining is poor ventilation system at zone C and zone B decline 3540 due to this lead to the minimization of the machine life, in sufficient cooling system in adequate fumes gas removed system and little air circulation which lead to the faint of same workers.

The reason of this in adequate air produces by fans and uneven distribution of air due to the closed ventilation door.

The problem objectives are into two parts; these are main and specific objectives

Design of automatic system for controlling ventilation door based on room temperature at Bulyanhulu Gold mine.

The project will result in the design of automatic controlling ventilation door based on room temperature at Bulyanhulu Gold mine, which result in the following significance 
Saves life
Maintain the oxygen content in the area
Ensure constant supply of air in underground mine
Controlling humidity in the area
Influence more production

Dc current flow to the Temperature sensor, control unit as well as Motor rives , Temperature sensor will sense the temperature at 3540 decline and sends signal to the motor drives either to close or open the ventilation door.

Power of the motor = Work done / Time taken

Force * Distance or Length/ Time taken

so, velocity = Distance/Time taken


Velocity = 1.03m/sec.

Therefore from power= force *velocity

Then power of the motor =

mass * acceleration * velocity

3kg * 9.8m/s2 * 1.03m/s


Therefore the horse power of motor =

1hp = 746W

? =30.282W

but 294W/ 746W


The standard horse power is 1HP


Since technology changes, any person having other methods and different technology allowes to improve the project solution to the problem.

Also in order to achieve the objective precisely, the actual components and precise value as shown in the data analysis and design must be implemented for better result of the system.


The implementation of prototype at Bulyanhulu Gold mine will provide solution of the problem . The existing problem experienced at Bulyanhulu can be combated and put to an end if the system will be well utilized.

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