Jangwani traffic rights are the light that are located at junction between Morogoro road and UN road. This traffic lights controls all vehicles from Morogoro road to Posta and those from Morogoro road to Muhimbili and vice versa. So Traffic lights are automatic lights that control the movement of the vehicles in passing through the junction. Then Traffic lights consist of green, yellow and red indicators to control the movement of cars.


At Jangwani junction, the Intersection between Morogoro Rd to Posta and Kariakoo to Muhimbili through UN road, the problem is death of the of the people and increase of effects of fire damages due to wastage of time for emergence vehicles not to pass easily due to huge junction that hinders the emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire fighters not to reach their specific destinations resulting to death of the patients or increase damage effects of fire.
Therefore, due to this problem, designing of traffic light system to prioritize emergency vehicles will solve the problem.


To minimize number of death of the people as well as effects of fire damages.


The proposed system will help to
Minimize the time for the emergency vehicles to pass through the junction
To increase safety of the people incase of fire or any other accidents



Disadvantages of existing system

It does not provide priorities to emergency vehicles so vehicles will not pass on time at the junction.


The proposed block diagram consists of Transmitter section and receiver section as shown below

Advantages of proposed system

It provides assistance and priorities to emergency vehicles passing through the junction in a very desirable time
It saves time for the passage of emergency vehicles like fire engines and ambulances

Emergency vehicle unit

Circuit for emergency vehicles

Mathematical analysis for each resistance connected in series with LED

From the control unit circuit, the value resistance connected in series with light emitting diode is calculated as follows:
operating voltage used by microcontroller=5V
From datasheet
Therefore, Voltage for LED =2V and led current should be less or equal to 2mA
VR=IDR and IR=2mA
The value of resistance is the same in each case through every Led


The control unit is the heart of the system that controls all actions performed by the system.

Requirement for the control system are as follows
Flexible and easy programming (more libraries)
Fast speed of execution
Low power consumption
Support many I/O devices
Low cost
ADC pins

Arduino Pro min : ATmega 328, 16MHz will be used because it has met all requirements in designing the project
Advantages ATmega 328 microcontroller
Easy to program with C-programming
It both have 5 V and 3.3 V versions
The ATmega328 has 2 more digital I/O and 2 more analog Inputs (1 more PWM)
The pin out is the same
It is less expensive and easy to use

RF Receiver module with decoder

Receive RF signal of frequency 434MHz and
Decoder converts the serial information into parallel to microcontroller input
Decoder Specification
Operating voltage:2.4-12V
Low power consumption
High noise immunity
Low standby current
Received codes are checked 3times

Specification for Encoder
8address pins and 4 address or Data pins
Low power consumption
High immune to Noise
Low standby current (0.1µA) at VDD=5V


This project has successfully taken an idea of designing of Traffic lights to prioritize emergence vehicles as to reduce accidents and eliminate fire damages.
ALL potential data needed for the design of the emergence Traffic lights system were successfully collected and analyzed
The design system met my expectations reasonably well. Therefore, it is concluding that the project objective and its designing consideration have been met.


Hence, recommendation is based on the circuit designed with consideration of what problems and what the institute should do to improve the system.
Due to high cost of RF transmitters and receiver, the prototype is run on single lane. Therefore, it is recommending for upcoming students who want to extend their ideas to use each road with its respective transmitter/receiver to obtain better performance of the proposed circuit
It is recommending that, other students or any student in the Institute capable of extending the venture, by either putting different sensors on road, should come forward in order to add knowledge on designation of circuit.

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